What’s Your Why?

Hero of American History Harriet Tubman knew her Why. Harriet is remembered for rescuing more than 70 black men, women, and children from slavery prior to the Civil War. Harriet had escaped her own captivity, and gained freedom, however, it wasn’t enough. Harriet returned to the south again and again risking her life to lead countless other lives to safety. Later, Harriet served as a wartime Union spy, helping to abolish slavery for all. Harriett risked everything to fulfill the purpose for which she was made. She knew what God had created and prepared her for. She knew her Why.

God created and prepared me for a purpose as well, and I’m never more fulfilled than when I’m pursuing that purpose. My Why happens whenever I get to nurture and challenge others in their faith in Jesus Christ. I love to tell the story God has written on my heart, and I love to see others grow. I am a shepherd, and I love to walk with people as they grow to know the Savior in a closer way. God planted this disciplemaking purpose in my heart years ago, and it has been growing in me ever since. This is my Why.

In May 2020, I accepted the call to live my Why to a fuller extent. I was invited to go on staff withNavigators, a Christian missionary organization focused on making disciples through Life to Life® ministry. The Navigators built a solid foundation in my spiritual life back in my undergrad days, and everything I’ve learned since that time has been built on that foundation. It is because of Navigators and their investment in my life that I‘ve been able to lead others in the faith. So, it is with great excitement that I have accepted and am onboarding with their mission. I’d love to ask for your support! I need prayer for my work with churches and ministries through Life and Leadership Coaching, my part in moving disciplemaking to the heart of a church cultures, and my work in equipping women through Life to Life® ministry. I am also raising monthly financial support, as this is a missions position. You can give by using the link below.  Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. This is for me, both an honor and an adventure in fulfilling my Why!  

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